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Buying an Apple MacBook is an extremely big decision because they’re pretty expensive when compared to their other branded laptops
When you make a decision to buy a MacBook you’ll most likely have it for at least 5-10 years. But just like anything you buy, or a skill you learn, you always have to do some upkeep after some age. That is when you will require our support, as out-of-warranty service Centre. You can DIY on certain things, But when it has a internal issue you will need a expert workmanship.

We at Apple Repair Centre Sri Lanka (ARC) ever since started our business in 2011 we perform MacBook repairs in Sri Lanka. From broken screen repair in Sri Lanka, LCD display replacement in Sri Lanka, to anything like your keyboard\\\\\'s not working, we can take care of it in no time! Our highly-skilled technicians carry years of experience in MacBook repairs in Sri Lanka. Among being the most economical and secure MacBook repair service center in Sri Lanka, here are 5 reasons to use ARC Sri Lanka to repair your Apple MacBook in Sri Lanka:

  • Your MacBook is repaired in your presence: After having your MacBook for years, there’s a lot saved on there that you can’t part with – even for an hour while someone looks at it for you. We know that feeling, so we’ve trained our technicians to be able to comfortably repair your MacBook while you stay.
  • We use only original manufacturer equipment (OEM) parts: We only use OEM parts when repairing or servicing your Apple MacBook in Sri Lanka, so your system runs like new again at barely any cost. From screen repair to hardware upgrades, we make sure they’re all OEM parts making you able to use for a period without any hassle.
  • At ARC Sri Lanka every repair is covered with 3 months guarantee: When you repair your MacBook with ARC Sri Lanka, we’ll give you a 3 months warranty on all logic-board repair service and 6 months warranty for replaced spare part. We will give you a one-to-one free replacement if something goes wrong within the warranty period. Never lose hope if you are out of our warranty. We at Apple Repair Centre Sri Lanka- A premium Apple Repair Centre in Sri Lanka provide you with a generous discount for devices that are previously repaired from us if the warranty is over.
  • Your MacBook will only be repaired by a well versed technician: All our Apple MacBook repair technicians hold a extensive experience in repairing all models – we make sure they have the skills and workmanship required. They go through rigorous learning each day to improve themselves to provide you with a quality service, as well as to provide you accurate information.
  • You’ll have your MacBook back in perfect condition in no time: Our workmanship process starts with completely diagnosing the machine. We’ll then inform you with the complete breakdown report of your problems and solutions. We start the fixing process only after we receive your consent. So that proves the whole process is controlled by you. No need to wait around for days without your laptop or computer – we know the urgency and we treat it as such.
If you feel this is the right place to fix your asset. Book in an appointment today. Let’s see how we can help you?

One of the most trusted Apple Repair Centre in Sri Lanka ever Since 2011

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